Last October 20, fans nationwide got the treat of a lifetime as some of the biggest names in OPM rock history gathered together for Full Blast Pinoy Super Bands!

Here are some highlights from that epic night:

The SG Band opens the night with some rockin’ tunes. Jester Burgos/

Hilera rocks out the stage with their signature swag. Jester Burgos/

Banda ni Kleggy shows off their killer dance moves and vocals onstage. Jester Burgos/

We can’t help but love The Chongkeys’s cool sound. Jester Burgos/

Wally Gonzales wows the crowd with his masterclass guitar skills. Jester Burgos/

Mike Hanopol electrifies the stage in his performance with the Juan Dela Cruz band. Jester Burgos/

Pepe Smith continues to prove why he is a bonafide rock icon. Jester Burgos/

The Juan Dela Cruz band finish off their setlist with a bang! Jester Burgos/

Razorback gets the crowd moving with some of their hits. Jester Burgos/

Wuds rock the stage with “At Nakalimutan ang Diyos.” Jester Burgos/

Metal fans can’t get enough of Queso’s music. Jester Burgos/

Folk rock goddess, Lolita Carbon takes it back to the 90s with some of her songs with Asin. Jester Burgos/

Maria Cafra sings “Kamusta Mga Kaibigan” and we can’t help but feel nostalgic. Jester Burgos/

Punk fans couldn’t get enough of The Youth’s music. Jester Burgos/

Basti Artadi thrills the crowd with his epic lineup of songs. Jester Burgos/

Dong Abay closes the night with his stellar performance. Jester Burgos/

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